Body Map

Virginia Map//graphite//pen

After studying natural human figures, I imaged how our environment and daily lives shape our bodies. The roads create the contours of this body, as the roads of Richmond create growing grooves of repetition in my daily life.

Macro Micro

Custom Stamp//Ink// Paper

While practicing with the use of an eraser pencil as a stamp, thinking of an undulating pattern I could make, I discovered that what I liked most was the texture within a single stamp. This drawing is a magnified representation of my favorite single stamp.

Close to You


Repetition repetition repetition. 50 hours of spirals as an undulating background to a visual experiment. I wondered how the eye would be tricked with topographic circles. Do lines of the same width, close together, give dimension to a shape?

Vegetable Stamps

Mark making with vegetables! Oh the patterns I could make. I preferred using black for the highest contrast and degreees of variation.

In the pieces with less ink and smaller cut stamps, my finger prints often became part of the mark making as well.

I preferred negative space to be yellow and textured instead of simply white.

By experimenting with rolling the same rectangular stamp I was able to achieve variation in pigment for a distinct pattern.


Sketching helps me to understand how light and shadow will effect space and mood. The environment can change completely with different lighting.

10 minute sketches with markers are a favorite of mine when traveling. By focusing mostly on light and dark, I can convey the idea in that short time.