Natural Building Projects

Eastern United States
2009 - 2011

From cob ovens, to foundations, french drains, natural plasters, and timber framing, I’ve learned to use traditional knowledge to create hand built homes. In the US, particularly on the East coast, many areas do not have existing building codes that include alternate building types. For this reason, I have respected the privacy of the home owners. The above home is mostly cob (a mixture of sand, clay, straw, and water) with the addition of strawbale on the north side to retain heat.

Slide 1: trench dug by hand//locally harvested gravel
Slide 2: timber frame//strawbale//locally milled trees//recycled windows

pipe in the foundation to bring in electricity//locally harvested river rocks

scrap wood to attach window frame to cob wall//found window

concrete form with rebar for footer

hand hewn mortise and tenon joint with plug