Temple Hot Yoga Studio

Site: 1301 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC
Area: 7,700 sf
Year Built: 1917
Occupancy Type: A3

Project Introduction

In the heart of Washington, DC’s Dupont Circle, this boutique office building has a unique footprint and large windows. At the corner of a three-way intersection, one block from the metro station, and close to hotels, dining, and shopping, this location has high visibility. Temple yoga will be catering to city yogis who keep a regular plractice but who are seeking an all around relaxing, clean, and rejuvinating experience. Starting with the heated yoga studio, then moving on to saunas and mineral baths, clients will reach purification.
For nourishment, juice near the entrance and herbal teas in the private lounge are available for purchase.

Problem Statement

Current yoga studios are minimal at best, and dingy at worst. However, there is an increasing amount of money spent on yoga. Last year, there was more than $27 billion spent on yoga products in the US. There is a niche for a city spa and studio that is reminiscent of an exclusive spa restreat that women and men travel hours away to enjoy.


Inspired by the calm brought on by horizontal stones, low lighting, and natural beauty of Peter Zumpthor’s Therme Vals, I furthered my investigation into ancient temples.The stacked stones representing stability, honesty, and integrity inspired the balanced floor plan and natural materials of the yoga studio to evoke a sense of peace. Each element and material, from water, stone, heat, plants, and bamboo combines for a healing environment. Monthly subscibers can enjoy tea, baths, sauna, and yoga classes as often as they like. This yoga spa club is a calm hide-away from city stresses.

The green walls thrive in rooms with light and moisture. Plants chosen for the mineral baths clean the air and give a green respite while clients are relaxing in water.


local VA stone siding
cabot polished carrera
large calacatta sile
plyboo natural
bamboo black panels


high tower access // carvaggio
eureka // kizis
high tower acess // happy
high tower acess // juicy
viesso bamboo float sectional

My materials play with light, dark, and shadows. I wanted the atmosphere to feel cozy and protected in the lounges, and open up to be free and expansive in the hot yoga studio. Accented with gold, many of the natural materials feel luxurious.

custom reception desk + construction documents